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Enforced disappearances and systematic torture within the jails of the Houthi terrorist group in Yemen

The International Observatory for Documentation of Human Rights Violations reports that scores of Yemeni detainees continue to be subjected to systematic torture and inhuman and degrading treatment by their prisoners in the detention centers of the Houthi terrorist group in Yemen. According to researchers in international human rights violations, the information indicates that torture has become systematic in some cases to the point of torture to death.

And according to a report by the Euro-Med Observatory for Human Rights in Geneva, most of the detainees in Houthi prisons are confined to solitary cells and are prevented from eating food and medicine, seriously endangering their lives and making their health situation deteriorate. Their bodies are clearly marked by the effects of malnutrition and medical care, as well as unfair trials involving dissidents, journalists and human rights activists in the absence of any guarantees of fair trials or access to lawyers.

And asserts various and credible press and legal reports that various Houthis prisons are subjected to torture and inhuman treatment, and the Houthis security forces take turns beating them with sticks, batons and iron chains, as well as stripping them of all their personal and domestic clothing, except for prison uniforms, in an attempt to harass and humiliate them.

Since the beginning of the coup in Yemen, the Houthis have been using criminal courts under their control in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a. Those who oppose them are charged with terrorism and the security of the state. They also issue dozens of death sentences against political opponents for their coup rule, after being accused of communicating with hostile foreign parties.

We at” The International Observatory for Documentation of Human Rights Violations “are deeply concerned about the terrorist groups in Yemen known as the Houthis, which have direct military and logistical support from the regime in Iran.

The Observatory calls on the international community, the United Nations and the states actors in the Yemeni file to exert pressure on the Houthis group to force them to stop the ongoing violations of their detainees' rights, to stop systematic torture against them and to ensure fair trials to ensure compliance with international human rights covenants and conventions and the immediate release of all opposition detainees, journalists and jurists.

The Observatory calls on the terrorist group Houthis to take full responsibility for the lives of their detainees, demanding an immediate end to the systematic torture of detainees, referring the perpetrators to the competent courts, and avoiding politicization of the judiciary and its use to settle scores with opponents and political opponents.

International Observatory for Documentation of Human Rights Violations/ Media Section
Argentina/ Buenos Aires on 12/4/2019