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Human Rights Watch's report against the Crown Prince is political and violates legal and professional standards Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a welcome man in Argentina and in international forum

(( “Human Rights Watch” said in a report that sparked the preoccupation of the Latin and Arab media and said that the Argentine judicial authorities had begun to consider a memorandum on the role of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in alleged war crimes committed by the “Saudi-led “ coalition in Yemen and torture carried out by officials Saudis. The Crown Prince is expected to attend the “G-20”Summit in Buenos Aires on 30 November 2018.

On November 26, "Human Rights Watch" filed a petition with a "Federal Prosecutor", including its findings on alleged violations of international law committed during the armed conflict in Yemen, and may have criminal responsibility for them as Minister of Defense. The request also highlights his possible involvement in serious allegations of torture and ill-treatment of Saudi citizens, including the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch: "Argentine prosecutors have to look into Mohammed bin Salman's role in possible war crimes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen since 2015. The presence of the crown prince at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires may make Argentina's courts a remedy for victims," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. Violations that are unable to seek justice in Yemen or Saudi Arabia. " ))

Following the publication of the above-mentioned report, some Arab and Latin media are still competing with the policies and funding of some countries to publish the comments and tweets of “Human Rights Watch”. Most of the publication carries the language of threat and intimidation of the Saudi prince and holds him responsible and is criminalized and charged here and there and making him equal to dictatorship and criminal acts without any legal form or trial.

We at “The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations” consider” Human Rights Watch's” report to be political and directed against Prince “Mohammed bin Salman “as a high-level government official. This report and the subsequent statements and tweets violate the legal standards Professional and lacks credibility.

The "Observatory" considers the campaign of defamation carried out by the politicized media aimed at misleading the existing investigations into the case of journalist” Jamal Khashoggi “. as for the ongoing war in Yemen, it is undeniable that the” Arab Coalition” is responsible for some of the fall of the victims of the war of innocent civilians and children, however, public opinion must recognize that the “Arab Alliance” is fighting “terrorism” and that the terrorist armed groups there, which are militarily, financially, logistically and militarily supported by the terrorist regime in Iran, take civilians as human shields and hostages and endanger the lives of innocent people and children and this is what the politicized media and “Human Rights Watch” report.

The “Observatory” also believes that the due process of law that followed the initial investigations into the murder of the Saudi journalist “Jamal Khashoggi” is a clear indication of justice and accountability for the perpetrators, despite their security and political status this is what the other Arab regimes do not lack, where officials enjoy immunity that guarantees impunity for any crime.

The “Observatory” also praises “Saudi Arabia's” commitment to follow up the investigations in a transparent manner and within the framework of the law to ensure full disclosure of the truth despite the political questioning campaigns faced by “Saudi Arabia”, the decisions and decisive and courageous actions taken by the “Saudi” headed by King “Salman" and the Crown Prince" Mohammed bin Salman "in this regard is consistent with respect for the principles of domestic and international law and contribute to the implementation of justice in force on everyone and this principle enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights.

The “Observatory” stresses that the importance of bringing those responsible for the crime of journalist “Khashoggi”, which is traded by the media and some human rights organizations, to justice is punishable by a step that promotes "impunity for criminals" after this pioneering step, these organized and programmed campaigns which aims at "Saudi Arabia" as a state should stop, with the aim of undermining its reputation politically, economically and legally, at the Arab and international level, achieving justice does not mean that the media becomes a political platform aimed at the interests and policies of nations and peoples to obliterate and falsify the facts.

The “Observatory” is working to refute the file submitted by “Human Rights Watch” to the Federal Prosecutor in Buenos Aires and will notify the competent judicial authorities of the legal irregularities and appendices of defamation campaigns and misrepresentation of the justice process against the “Saudi Prince”, the “Observatory” considers the participation of Saudi Crown Prince “Mohammed Bin Salman” at “G-20” summit which meant to be held today in the Argentine capital, as a step to prove his innocence attributed to him by a campaign of allegations of “politicization” and that these campaigns still exist through some media means associated with the activities of political States to liquidate political accounts beyond the legal scope of the issues raised, the most important "victims of the war in Yemen and journalist Khashoggi "

The “Observatory” concludes its report by welcoming the young Saudi prince, “Mohammed bin Salman”, in Argentina, who has been struggling since he took power to fight corruption and terrorism and to work on development initiatives in many countries around the world.

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