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Saudi initial investigations into Khashoggi's case are a first step in the right direction and a clear sign of justice

On the background of the case of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Attorney-General of Saudi Arabia announced on 20/10/2018 the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at his country’s consulate in Istanbul following a quarrel with Saudi officials and the arrest of 18 people all of whom are Saudi nationals, The announcement was accompanied by a decision by the Saudi leadership to exempt Senior officials of the Royal Court, Saud bin Abdullah Al Qahtani, and the formation of a committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to restructure the Saudi General Intelligence and to arrest and terminate the services of a group of persons who are involved in this case.

The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations with the Argentine capital Buenos Aires expresses its appreciation for the results of preliminary investigations in the case of journalist Khashoggi, and considers that this step is the first in the right direction, but demonstrates the commitment and commitment of the Saudi leadership to reach the reality of what happened with journalist Khashoggi.

The Observatory also believes that the due process of law that accompanied the preliminary investigations into the persons involved is a clear indication of justice and accountability for the perpetrators, despite their security and political status. This is what the other Arab regimes lack, where officials enjoy immunity that guarantees impunity for any crime.

The Observatory also commends Saudi Arabia's commitment to follow up the investigations in a transparent manner and within the framework of the law to ensure full disclosure of the truth and that the decisions and decisive and courageous actions taken by the Saudi leadership in this regard are consistent with respect for the principles of domestic and international law and contribute to the effective implementation of justice. Everyone is a principle enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Observatory asserts that the importance of bringing those responsible for this crime to justice to receive their punishment is a step that promotes impunity for criminals. After this pioneering step, these organized campaigns targeting Saudi Arabia as a state should be stopped in order to undermine its political, economic and human rights. The realization of justice does not mean that the media becomes a political platform that targets the interests and policies of nations and peoples to obliterate and falsify the facts.

The Observatory, in addition to its previous report on the issue, stresses that attempts to politicize the issue and move away from the real objective of justice are aimed only at targeting Saudi Arabia. These campaigns are still being carried out through some media outlets associated with political activities of states with a view to settling political accounts outside the legal sphere of the case.

International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations
Argentina - Buenos Aires