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International Violations Researcher: Iran is a rogue state that defies international law and spreads destruction in the world. The time has come to punish it

Dr. Abdulaziz Tarakji the researcher in international violations of human rights said that the Iranian regime's serious violations of international law and international humanitarian law were not limited to mere interference in the internal sovereign affairs of the Arab states, according to irrefutable evidence that has become known and exposed to public opinion and the international community. Iran has overtaken the rogue state by defying international law, spreading devastation in Yemen in its military and logistical support for the Houthi militias in Yemen in clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2216 on the prohibition of the export of weapons, vehicles and military equipment to the Houthi militia forces in order to complement its destructive role in the Middle East and resolution 2231 Threatening the security of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the Gulf States, and even threatening regional and international security.

Dr. Tarakji explained in an exclusive interview with news agencies "It is time to punish the Iranian regime for supporting terrorism, not only in the Arab region, but also as a cross-border terrorism. This is a serious international violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Security Council resolutions.”

He added that the State, which violates the Security Council resolutions established on Article VII of the Charter of the United Nations imposed by the international sanctions imposed by the Security Council, moreover, on the basis of article 12, paragraph 3, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are not members of the International Criminal Court system, can declare the Court's acceptance of the jurisdiction of the Court over the crime of aggression that occurred from the Iranian regime by firing Iranian ballistic missiles Houthi militias from within Yemeni territory towards Saudi and Emirati lands, Iranian political and military officials are being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for their involvement in the targeting of civilian and unarmed areas, noting that Côte d'Ivoire, Palestine and Ukraine have already done so despite the fact that the three countries were not members of the International Criminal Court.

Dr. Tarakji stressed that "Iran" recently stepped up weapons transfer to the "Huthis" in Yemen, who are fighting the legitimate government and the Arab coalition forces that seek to combat organized terrorism, in a development that threatens to prolong the war that began 19 months ago and its expansion, where Iran is still working to supply and transport short range ballistic missiles known as the “volcano 2H “of the Houthis, provide them with reservoirs used with liquid oxidants, the development of ballistic missiles, the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles such as Ababil T and Kassaf 1, and the provision of ballistic missile technology to those militias that take civilians, especially children and women, as human shields in order to incite them as victims of the Arab Coalition forces implicating innocent blood in Yemen .

The researcher in international violations, saw that the United Nations has not yet taken any concrete measures to punish the Iranian regime, one of the reasons for this inaction is the veto power of Russia in the Security Council, which is used during the vote on any resolution that affects the Iranian dark regime, therefore, it is unlikely that the United Nations will be able to take any action as long as there is Russian support for the Iranian regime, and that the solution to this problem depends on the use of the power of regional organizations and alliances to be more effective in establishing peace and stop destabilizing the region.

Dr. Tarakji concluded that the international community and the Arab countries must tighten the sanctions on the Iranian regime and work to present the leaders and symbols of this regime to international courts for their involvement in spreading terror and terrorism in the world, stressing that the world will not enjoy peace as long as the Iranian regime goes unpunished.