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Lebanon: Open Letter to Public Opinion on the Conditions of Detention of Human Rights Defender Ghassan Abdullah

His Excellency President Michel Aoun / President of the Republic of Lebanon
Honorable President Nabih Berri, President of the Lebanese Parliament
Honorable President Saad Eddin Hariri / Prime Minister of Lebanon
His Excellency the Deputy Michel Mousa , Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Lebanese Parliament
Honorable Minister Salim Jreisati / Minister of Justice to the Lebanese Government

Greetings to you

At The International Observatory to the Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations, we express our deep regret and concern from the reports of the arrest of human rights defender Ghassan Abdullah, head of The Palestinian Organization for Human Rights (PHRO) and his referral to the Lebanese Military Intelligence, based on the following information:

Mr. Ghassan Abdullah was summoned on 14/5/2018 in contact with the Lebanese General Security "for the investigation without explaining the reason, and went voluntarily and was arrested, and on 15/4/2018 was transferred from the Lebanese General Security to the Military Intelligence" Army Intelligence "He is still under arrest without knowing the reasons.

Mr. Ghassan Abdullah, in his personal capacity and as the head of the Palestinian Organization for Human Rights, did not carry out any activities that required any inquiry or question.

This raises our concern about this emerging situation, especially since the health of Mr. Abdullah, who was wounded in the war and lost one His limbs are very fragile and he cannot bear any pressure or detention, especially since he is in constant need of the daily medication for chronic diseases, which he did not equip with it, when he went voluntarily to public security, and that his continued detention and not taking medication regularly poses a serious threat to his life.

We The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations As we express our deep concern and deep fear for the life and security of Mr. Ghassan Abdullah, we believe that his arrest constitutes a real threat to his health and human rights defenders, May constitute a flagrant violation of the obligations of the Lebanese State under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, namely articles 9, 14, 19, 21 and 22, and paragraph 12 of these recommendations, which calls for the immediate release of all persons detained for their human rights activities, Limit the reagent Harassment and intimidation practices against human rights defenders and take urgent measures to revise all domestic legislation limiting the activities of human rights activists and organizations.

We express our deep concern over the use of detention methods against human rights activists in general and Mr. Abdullah in particular, based on the guidelines and in accordance with the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee at its eighty-fourth session, July 2005. , Relating to the basic legal guarantees of human rights defenders.

International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations
Argentina - Buenos Aires