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The Alliance Syrian women to activate Security Council Resolution1325 (Awsasyr1325)

On January 23, 2017, we announced the establishment of a Syrian national establishment: The Syrian Women's Alliance to activate Security Council Resolution 1325, and we announce that we will hold the first general meeting on 21 March 2017. We have made several attempts to achieve the possibilities appropriate for convening The first founding conference, unfortunately we could not achieve this step commensurate with our neutrality and independence completely from any governmental and non-governmental, as well as we did not get any participation or invitation to any local, regional, or international event, although our strategic aspirations at the level of The one and secure Syrian homeland, which is based on support and culmination of develop a national action plan in Syria to implement the resolution 1325.

Based on our preparations and wellness and our belief in the importance of this Syrian feminist coalition operations, hoping to enable us to reach the first founding conference, and to ward off and prevent any investments or exploitation of the name:

"Syrian Women's Alliance to activate Security Council Resolution 1325",

And in order to cooperate sincerely and work hard and seriously and to mobilize all our efforts together and integrated, we have serious consultations and reached full and broad consensus, and decided to form the bodies of this alliance as follows:

1. The Interim General Secretariat of the Coalition: It is composed of female colleagues specialized in the agenda of women, peace and security and the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325, which shall serve as the lead body temporarily until the first founding conference. The names of the members of this Secretariat are Syrian female figures as follows:

1. Ekhlas Hassan Ghassa

2. Aria Daham Jumaa

3. Enaam Ibrahim Nayouf

4. Iman Fatih

5. Bahia Mardini

6. Jena Ghassan Elias

7. Kholoud Mohammed Al Saad

8. Dubstan Mohammed Mahmoud Murad

9. Raba Faisal Al Hayek

10. Zainab Ali Kalash

11. Sliema Al-Jabi

12. Suheir Sarmini

13. Sha'la Kharouf

14. Shaha Rashid Mohammed

15. Aisha Waleed Bakour

16. Caween Mohammed Abdi

17. Lubna El Badawi

18. Lina Rifai

19. Mazin Murshed

20. mahush shaykhi

21. Maysoon Ibrahim

22. Mona Espero Salloum

23. Mervat Bashar Al-Said

24. Nagam salem Bahdi

25. Hamsa abu raf'a

26. Haifa Jagan

27. hifi qajw

28. Wazneh Hamed Aussie

29. Yasmin Abdel Fattah Ghazala eaneiah

2. A coordinating body concerned with communication: Concerned with making all possible and appropriate contacts and preparing all arrangements for reaching the first conference within the period of March 21, 2018, and informing all organizations and member bodies of all steps in a transparent and clear manner. The coordinating body is composed of the following colleagues:

1. Enaam Ibrahim Nayouf.

2. Aria Daham Jumaa.

3. Mona Espero Salloum.

Communication is provided at the following addresses:

Mobil: 00963996316122

Telfax: 0096343723670

Mail of Syrian Women 's Alliance:

Syrian Bodies Members of the Coalition concerned with the defense of women's rights:

1. The Network for the Defense of Women in Syria (including 57 Syrian women's bodies and 60 independent Syrian women figures)

2. The Syrian Foundation for the Rights of Widows and Orphans

3. Peace Forum for Syrian Women

4. Syrian Women's Center.

5. Sara Organization Against Violence Against Women

6. Palmera Foundation for Motherhood and Childhood Care

7. National Assembly for the Rights of Women and Children.

8. Seryani Women's Union

9. Syrian Kurdish Women Association.

10. Afrin Association for Kurdish Women

11. Syrian Center for Human Rights Education

12. Union of Kurdish writers - Syria.

13. Syrian Cultural Foundation to support the injured and affected

14. Syrian Information Society

15. Women's Democratic Network

16. Zenobia Development Foundation

17. Kurdish Women's Union in Syria-Rhodes.

18. Avamia Network of Justice

19. National Democratic Women's Union.

20. Democratic Association for Women's Rights in Syria

21. Center for Development and Civil Activities in Al-Kahtaniya

22. Free Kurdish Women's Organization.

23. Women's Cafe.

24. Hefei Women's Organization

25. Syrian Women Forum.

26. Syrians gathered against violence

27. Palmera Center against Discrimination against Minorities in Syria

28. The Syrian Center for Research and Studies on Migration and Asylum Issues (Scrsia)

29. Women's Nation Foundation

30. The roots of Syria

31. Syrian Center for Women's Issues

32. Association of Syrian Secularists

33. The National Democratic Assembly of Syrian Kurds

34. Radio Heyah

35. Bridge Center for Peace and Democracy

36. Syrians gathered against violence

37. Syrian Center for Housing Rights

38. Women's Foundation for the Defense of Missing Persons and Detainees in Syria.

39. Green Earth Society for Environmental Rights

40. Narina Association for Children and Youth.

41. Syrian Center for the Protection of Trade Union and Workers' Rights

42. The National Democratic Assembly of Syrian Kurds

43. Ebla Association of Syrian Free Media

44. Syrian Center for Women's Issues

45. Collec Women's Organization

46. Sara Organization Against Violence Against Women

47. Gian Women's Organization

48. National Center for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies in Syria

49. Solidarity Association in Support of Peace and Tolerance in Syria

50. Academic Association for Peace and Civic Education in Syria

51. Shahba Center for Digital Media

52. Women's Social Initiative in Syria

53. Syrian Foundation Against Religious Discrimination

54. Ebla Center for the Studies of Transitional Justice and Democracy in Syria

55. Arab Committee for the Defense of Freedom of Opinion and Expression

56. National Committee for the Support of Human Rights Defenders in Syria

57. Shaoshka Women's Association

58. Syrian Women's Foundation for Transitional Justice

59. Women of Peace.

60. Syrian Women's Association for Studies and Training in Human Rights

61. Association of Women's Freedom in Syria

62. Women Empowerment Organization in Syria

63. Aven Women and Childhood Organization

64. Syrian Foundation for the Protection of the Right to Life

65. Women's Foundation for the Care and Support of Civil Society in Syria

66. Women's Office at the Center for Peace and Democracy in Hassakeh.

67. Women's Association to defend the right of community participation in Syria

68. Syrian Foundation for the Development of Community Participation

69. National Center for Development Support and Syrian civil society organizations

70. Democratic Institute for Awareness of Women's Rights in Syria

71. gathered together for his pillar.

72. Syrian Center for Transitional Justice and the Empowerment of Democracy

73. Syrian Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture

74. Ahmed Bounjq Center for the Support of Freedoms and Human Rights

75. Syrian NGO Forum (SPNGO).

76. Syrian Network of Trainers on Human Rights.

77. Syrian national team for monitoring elections

78. Syrian Center for Election Observation

79. Syrian National Network for Civil Peace and Community Safety.

80. Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria (DAD).

81. National Organization for Human Rights in Syria.

82. Human Rights Organization in Syria - MAF.

83. Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria.

84. Organization for the Defense of Detainees of Opinion in Syria - Rawanke.

85. Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (Monitor).

86. Committees for the Defense of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria (C.D.F).

87. Syrian Federation of Human Rights Organizations and Organizations (comprising 89 organizations, centers and bodies operating and operating inside Syria).

We will undertake the necessary contacts and consultations to announce the establishment of “The Syrian Women's Alliance to activate Security Council Resolution 1325”:

1. Members of the Advisory Body, from the representatives of the signatories, from Syrian female and male experts.

2. The Syrian National Steering Committee for the Syrian Women's Alliance to activate Security Council Resolution 1325, which should consist of a team of Syrian, governmental and non-governmental experts on women, peace and security, leading the adoption of the National Action Plan(NAP) for dialogue and action to implement and adapt them to the local context at later stages.

Damascus / Syria

Monday 23 \ 10 \ 2017

Interim Secretariat of the Syrian Women's Alliance to activate Security Council Resolution 1325 Syria

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