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International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations

The Observatory is a member of the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law

After the human rights defender is directly targeted for his legitimate human rights activities, especially in the hot spots of the world, where unjust wars are taking place, where the most egregious human rights violations are taking place, as well as the dictatorial regimes openly practicing the policy of muzzle and restraint Freedoms and the media are working to bring activists and opinion-makers into prison prisons on various charges to arbitrarily target their mouths, especially in some police countries where human rights activists often suffer from persecution, intimidation and intimidation.

In light of these violations, there is an urgent need to establish a non-governmental and independent human rights body that not only contributes to the documentation and documentation of human rights but also to the voice of human rights defenders in cyberspace and media platforms and to make monitoring and documentation an initial step in creating an international public opinion against such violations. And to mobilize the mechanisms of international law and international humanitarian law to lighten these violations in order to stop them, or at least to limit them. That is our mission at the International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations.

who are we

The International Observatory for the Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Violations is an independent, non-profit electronic network founded on December 10, 2015. The Observatory is headquartered in Argentina and we are a group of interested and committed to protect human rights in all countries of the world, For the most direct targeting campaigns.

We monitor the human rights situation in the world, alert to and criticize violations. We issue and disseminate press releases and reports on a wide range of rights and media in order to shed light on these violations of human rights wherever they may be. We cooperate with human rights organizations within the Arab world and the world in line with our goals and aspirations. To a world of democracy, freedom, justice, equality and respect for human rights and dignity.

The Observatory is not only monitoring and documenting but also collaborating with a large network of human rights defenders in countries where the defender can not appear in his or her legal personality for fear of being arrested or targeted. We work to disseminate news and reports about documented violations through the Observatory platform, To exert pressure on stakeholders and influential countries to take action that would push for improved humanitarian conditions and put an end to human rights violations in the region.

We seek to influence and pressure governments and international bodies to establish the rules of international law and to investigate and hold accountable the perpetrators of violations so as to ensure an end to the policy of impunity and to support and compensate the victims materially and morally.

The International Observatory for Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Violations is an extension and complement to the world's human rights defenders and a voice for all free and opinion activists in the world. We work in a strategy to ensure cooperation and networking with all human rights defenders in the world.

Founder and Director General of the International Observatory for Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Violations
Dr. Abdelazez Tarakji


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